Saturday, October 30, 2010

From Kickball to Curling Irons

You are probably wondering what this post is about. This post is about how much our grade has changed over the course of a couple of years that I have been at this school. My grade has really matured over the last 4 years that I have been there. But, in this post I will start from 2 years ago!

Sixth grade was the ending point of true childhood in my school years. I remember it was the year before middle school, and everyone was trying to be more mature and act like they are ten times their age. No one really cared about what you looked like or what you were wearing. The plus side was that people still loved games such as kickball. Everyone started wanting a boyfriend. I was not a part of that dream, and I was proud of that. That was the start of many troubles.

Seventh grade was the start of people's cliques and boy urges. Cliques formed and dates started. HW started to pile over our heads. Boys started to notice that girls are noticing them. Soon at the end of seventh grade everyone had a boyfriend. Only a select few (including me and my best friends) didn't. That was the starting point of feeling like a goon. That was the end of kickball and on to more “mature,” activities.

Eight grades is the time of which it is just normal for couples to be kissing in the hall way, or for someone to be hanging on each other as if they were crazy glued together. Every girl in the grade is now wearing make- up and curling or straightening their hair. This year so far is great, but people aren’t being themselves like they should.  

The point of this blog was not to mock people who wear make-up or people who straighten their hair. Personally, I think it is noce that people want to look presentable. The point was to show that people in a school could change rapidly without you realizing. The problem is, that is what life is about, change!

As you can see our grade has gone from a care free world to a self conscious one. That really annoys me that people can’t truly be themselves. I guess it is just something that happens to everyone in middle school that I am not accustomed to.

Monday, October 25, 2010


I can't belive this is my second post!!!! I didn't think this day would ever come! Annyway, although this blog is about middle school, some posts will be about other interesting things! Today is one of those days where I am going to tell you one of the strangest occurences that has happened to me!

I had this dream two nights ago where Dani, Jen, and I were on a bus, on our way to our school field. Dani and I got on the bus looking for our school books! Don’t ask me why we were, but we were. We were grabbing all of our books from people who took them and some of those people were sitting on them so we had to attempt to make it unnoticeable that we were trying to get the books from under them. By the time that was all over and we collected all of our books (Which by the way in my dream was very complicated to collect them all) we got to the fields and we meet up with Jen and we told her what happened and she said “I know! That is so annoying how people won't stop taking other people's books and hiding them!" Dani and I agreed. Then, I woke up.

By now you are all probably thinking to yourself "So what?!? Everyone has dreams like that" but the weird part is when I got up I thought it was all real! So I went up to my mom and told her what happened with a serious and emotional face. She got really upset and was going to call my principal. Then, she said to me "You should call Dani and see if she is okay!" So I picked up the phone and then I thought for a while........ BANG!! I remembered it was all a dream. So I ran up to my mom screaming with joy "It was a dream!" multiple times. She was glad too! Dreams sometimes feel like a reality.

Crazy things could happen to you! I couldn’t believe my brain was playing tricks on me! I could not believe that my fellow middle school friends would do that! I love my school, so it truly devastated me! I am so happy it was a dream! Many crazy things happen to me, but this was one that I needed to tell the blogging world!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hello World!!

Hello blogging world! I HAVE A BLOG; I CAN"T BELIEVE IT!!!!!This is my first post/ blog ever, so i am super nervous! Creating a blog was introduced to me by my best friend Jen(as you may know from her blog The Girl in The Purple Pants). Jen for about a year now has been begging me start a blog. I always had this urge deep inside of me to start a blog. Today was the day I finally agreed to it. Instead of me babbling on let me tell you what this blog will be about........

My blog is going to be about middle school. Yes, you heard me middle school. Middle school, is full of fun and enjoying the last year before we become a freshman. My middle school life is so crazy. I am a fanatic about grades. If I don't get a 90 and above I get worried and depressed. I know, I know I am crazy (often said by Jen) but I want good grades. Middle school is a crazy life but someone has got to live it.

My school is full of cliques. Yes, it’s a painful, especially because I only have 54 kids in the whole grade. There are only 15 girls out of the 54 students. As you can see most of my grade is made of boys. Which I personally find annoying since most of the girls in the grade are boy crazy. Anyway cliques are separated by the boy crazy clique, the clique that wants to be boy crazy, and the clique that doesn't care about boys. Mine is the clique that doesn't care about boys and we just don't care what other people think or say.

My Best friends are Dani, APG, TyTy, and Jen. They live this unpredictable life with me in middle school so you will be hearing about them a lot. This blog I hope will relate to your school difficulties and will let you know there are other people out there living a crazy middle school life like me!