Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Earth is a magnificent place. It is the only place known to the human race that humans could live on. It is absolutely beautiful. It is unbelievable that we are out of millions of planets the only living things(That we know of) in the galaxy!

One of my dad's friends  got an email from one of his friends of a power point about space. I was looking at it when I got home from my early dismissal from school. It really fascinated me. I couldn't obviously put the whole power point on this here blog so I just put some of the slides. These slides really make me want to go into space. These are all pictures taken by the Hubble in space(There is a picture of it below). Here is another picture gallery(By the way these pictures are REAL!! Not fake):

This is how big earth is compared to other planets. Earth is really tiny!!!!
 Our world is beautiful! I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I am still in shock that these pictures are ALL real. I hope you all had great day!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

WOW!!! Where did time go?

Again, I was pondering in the car (I really do over ponder in the car) about how I can't believe I am already in 8th grade. It's amazing how fast time has gone by. I can't believe that eighth grade is half over. Or should I say it is half complete? Who knows. But, I only have a couple months until my middle school years are over... That's scary.

Next year at this time I will be in a new school and I will be in my very first year of high school. I can't believe the thought of me being in high school. That sounds so old! F-F-F-Flashback- I remember being in 6th grade seeing my sister, Ange, in high school, thinking that she is so old. Then BAM, I am going to high school next year. I never thought of me being in high school. 

- Another flashback-

Last year at this time, I would have finished my first exams. I would have been in awe of me actually taking my first exam (Which surprisingly wasn't as scary as I thought it would be).

It felt like yesterday I was celebrating my 5th birthday. I thought I was so old then. I was proud (Don't ask me why. I was young). The craziness is, soon I will be celebrating my 14th birthday. That’s like officially jumping into teenage years. I only have weeks till I am done being a pre-teen. My sister is going to go to college in two years. To me that is CRAZY! She is going to be an adult in two years. I may move in two years. This is also crazy to me. It’s weird seeing someone who you haven’t seen for years all grown up.

-Flash forward (Although obviously I haven't seen it. Or have I?)-

Before I know it, I will be graduating high school. I will be going to college soon. Life will fly by before I know it. That's why you always HAVE to plan ahead. Always plan for the worst because life could be over before you plan for it. Life is such a complicated subject. Life is mind blowing. Like exams.

Have you’ve ever had this feeling or thought before?        

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Little Acts of Kindness Go a Long Way!

As you can tell what this post is about by the title: little acts of kindness really go a long way! Just by waving at someone could make that persons day! It feels good doing little acts of kindnesses. Like today...

Today I had to take my last 2 exams until June. When my mom dropped my sister off at school very early, we had some time to spare till I had to get to school. We went to Dunkin Donuts for a cup hot chocolate. When we went threw the drive threw there was a man selling newspapers. It was cold outside so my mom got him a coffee from Dunkin Donut. He was so happy and thanked us literally 5 times. We made his day. He said, and I quote "I knew there were still generous people in this world. Thanks!"  My mom felt so great of her little act of kindness. Although I didn't do the actual kindness, I still felt the greatness of the kindness itself.

In school, Jen, TyTy, APG, Dani, and I whenever we see someone sitting alone we invite them over to sit with us for lunch. I know that person might not of said anything to us about us inviting them, but I know we made his or her day or at least that persons lunch time time great! There is also a boy who came from China in September and he could barely speak English. We are one of the only people who talk to him so I know he is very appreciative. We invited him to sit with us and ever since he has sat with us.

Like the time Dani and I called a new girl at our school to welcome her. She sounded so happy and sounded like she felt comfortable going to school with people she never met before.

Doing acts of kindness could really help someones day go better. One of my New Year's resolutions is to do more acts of kindnesses to other people. I also have to learn to not show my true feeling for someone because as Kyle said on TRHBH "The problem is I where my heart on my sleeve." That is what I do. Sorry that this post is short like the last one. I really plan on doing more acts of kindnesses!

Have you've done an act of kindness that made your day and also another persons?

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Today has been such an accomplishment. You are probably asking why. Well,  this is my 38th post. I have 28 followers. I have AMAZING followers. I get so many nice comments on each of my posts. I am very appreciative. That is not the only accomplishment I have.

Today's accomplishment was:
·         Studying for 3 hours straight for my Latin exam (it doesn't seem like an accomplishment, but it is for me)
·         Getting up at 7:00 this morning (If you know me, I am not a morning person at ALL)
 FINALLY I got my acceptance letter to the school I have dreamed of going!!!!!!!!! I am about to jump out of my chair with excitement. I found out by... I went to my mail box to see if I got the acceptance letter. I found it and open it slowly. Very dramatic.  I opened it and I start reading the tiny letters:

Dear Marg,
I am delighted to inform you that you have been accepted to * The school's name* as the class member of 2015. (That is the only exciting part)

I started screaming my head off and start running inside to tell my folks. It has been an amazing morning.

The only problem is, although I love my school now, I want a change to a different school. I know it isn't a big deal since I am only going into high school. You may be asking why it is such a problem if I want change. Well, I do not do good with change. But, the weird thing is I love the changes itself. This is a rather short post, but I just had to write about my wonderful morning.

Have you've ever gotten accepted to the school you have always wanted to go to? Did you end up going to that school? 

Friday, January 14, 2011


I absolutely LOVE Fridays!! They are one of the best days of the week. Fridays are filled with happiness for the weekend and staying up late watching The Real House Wive’s of Beverly Hills. If that show is going to recover me from my stress during the week, then let it be! It is such a great day of the week!

This Friday wasn't the best Friday I have had. Today was an exam review day which I was about to rip my eyes out during and take a nap which was very interesting. It’s amazing how much I have forgotten and have remembered from the past couple of months of learning. Exams are so mind blowing. After studying for one, my mind is always about to explode. I hate studying for exams.... To me, that is the worst part about exams. If I didn’t study for exams for so long then they wouldn’t be as bad for me.

Today felt like a Monday to me because we had a double snow day!!!! I love snow days!! They are so relaxing!! I love the snow. It was like a weekend but in the middle of a school week. Here are some pictures I took over that glorious snow day(The date on my camera is wrong so the date on the pictures are wrong. I just thought you should know that!). Here they are:

My family and I took a walk in my backyard. I know you are thinking that is weird, but my house is planted in front of 4 acres worth of forest so we made a trail for whenever we wanted to take a walk because we are cool like that, yeah!  

This is when I went to my grandparent's house. - Saying the obvious-They live on a beach.

Taken on my walk
Taken on my walk

 I am so proud of myself. I finally had more than one picture in a post! It's like a mini showcase! Yay! I just had to say that!

Back to today... This post is jumping around a lot of topics! Sorry for if this post is confusing anyone. The worst thing that happened today was when an obnoxious rumor went around the grade. It was about someone liking someone and it was really dumb. The rumor creator was lying completely and it was so horrible. I despise rumors completely. They are fight starters. When a rumor goes around it take literally takes 5 second for someone to go up to you or your best friend and then they yell say to you in a Massie Block attitude (I love the Clique), "OMG... He likes her?" or, “OMG… He likes you?” Luckily it hasn't happened to me, but I have seen incidents like that all the time! But, let me tell you now, if someone ever did that to me I would scream at them and then attack the rumor starter. People who start rumors are people who have nothing better to do than try to ruin other people’s reputations and friendships. A rumor can ruin someone’s reputation in the matter of min.. That was truly the set down of today.

Well, that was my Friday blogging world.

How was your Friday? What did you do?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Power Points

Power points are one of the worst assignments a teacher could assign you to do. I cringe thinking about making a power point and I cringe when I hear the word itself…… power point.... It is an assignment I normally do horribly on. Just like how badly I did on my history power point.

In History, instead of having a written exam we had to do a power point for an exam grade. It counts as 40% of your final grade. Everyone in the class had to choose a country to do a power point presentation on. My power point was about the country China! I just have to say, it's a very cool country.

I spent weeks making this project. It has 23 slides, covered with information(The longest power point I have ever thought of making). I went into school last Thursday, ready to show Mr. S(Because he said he could look at it before the power point presentation) my power point that took me weeks to create. He told me I didn't have enough pictures in it when I showed him.... Which, I got to admit, it was true. So I did as he said and I felt confident about my presentation. I felt as if it was perfect(It's not even close). If I must add again, I felt very confident. Like the confidence that pierces through your body when you make a basketball shot, knowing you did well and scored one for the team. Yeah, that type of confidence!

 Yesterday was the day I presented my Power Point project to the class.

The power point time limit had to be 15 min. or a couple minutes under (meaning about 2 min. under). Of course I practice reading my power point (Practice makes perfect, right, right?) to my family to see how long it would take me to do the whole thing. It took me 15 min., exact. Yesterday when I presented, it took me 11 min... 4 min. under the required time. I was about to cry and scream like my 6 month year old cousin. 

So, I just had to talk to my teacher about my presentation grade. He told me he thinks the grade will be: B+ to an A-. If you know me, I freak out over grades. That is a HORRIBLE GRADE! It is 40% of my overall grade! 40%!  Of course, I have to embarrass myself some how, so I go up to Mr. S (My history teacher) and start complaining over the grade I recieved. 

I said "Mr. S, what did I do wrong? I did all of the requirements you asked for!"

He said "I know (Then he showed me what I did wrong and etc.)." 

After the list of things I did wrong and I said,
"But a B-A isn't good..."

Then he said,
"Oh Marg, you are a real good at badgering your way into things. One day, when you are a lawyer, which I know you will become, you will most likely need to do a power point presentation and you will think back to eight grade and how you were taught to do a power point, by me."

I walked away with no response. It drives me bonkers when I can't do anything about a bad grade. Whenever I get in front of my class I freeze up and get nervous. When I am nervous I get really quiet and I am not myself. Power point presentations just aren’t my thing.

Have you ever had to make a serious power point? 

Everyone Dani has a blog!! It is amazing!!!! You will love it!!! Click this link:Dani's Blog

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


First of all, let me start out by saying, I love coaches. Coaches help coach us into doing a sport better. The problem is some coaches think that an 8th grade sports team is an all-star sports team. Right now I have a great coach, but in previous years.... not so much. 

I have had so many coaches who make such big deals out of you not passing the ball to another person when you should of... COME on?! This is a middle school team. Who on earth cares of someone made a mistake?!? Life goes on! It gets me so mad when a coach makes a player on their team cry. Over WHAT? No offense to whoever sees the good in the coaches plan, (which personally I think is just embarrassing someone) but I think it is a total waste of time. I know that the coach thinks by yelling at someone it is going to make them a play better. Actually, most of the time it makes them worse. Why? Because when that kid feels the embarrassment of being yelled at and they are not going to want to play, which equals playing worse (Personal Experience). Also, when that kid thinks back to their sport life yester-years they are going to remember their coach yelling at them for a simple reason that DOES NOT MATTER.

When you play on a team it is suppose to be fun, right? That’s what I thought. The one thing I truly hate is when a coach throws you in a play that you have never learned how to play  before and expects you to know what you are doing. Then if you ask what to do they get mad and yell at you.

 I am sorry if you think I am being too hard. It is just my opinion. I thank my coach so much for being a nice and fair coach. She really doesn’t care if you are good at playing b-ball or not. She doesn't care if we win or not. She just cares about if we try to play the game. I remember one time, a couple of years ago, I was playing a game of dreaded soccer and the coach started yelling at me because I didn't run after the ball quick enough. I don't like soccer. I don't like getting knocked down over a soccer ball. –Cheesy pun-line alert- It doesn't matter if we lose or win, it’s all about having fun... I told you it was cheesy, but it is so true. Whenever I have fun, like today, I play a million times better than normal. My coach congratulated Dani and I for actually making a true attempt to get the ball (Which is a once in a life time experience). I really like basketball. It is fun!

I don't know if I am over exaggerating or not. I just know it wasn’t a good experience having a tough coach. 

What do you think about tough coaches? Have you ever had any experiences like these?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What a Small World?

On the way home from my grandparents house, in the car, I was thinking about how small this world is! As you can probably tell I do a lot of pondering in the car. I could go in a store and ask someone where a can of soup is and that person could possibly be the author of one of the blogs I read.

Whenever I meet someone new, I always have some type of connection (Some time; not always). May not be an actual meeting connection from the past, but it could be a slight connection. Like if we go to the same restaurant every Christmas or something around those lines!

 An example is, one of my best friends, Dani, goes to the same restaurant every Thanks Giving as I do. We both have since we were little girls. We only met each other 2 years ago. Maybe or maybe not. Maybe we met in the restaurant. Maybe we didn’t. Who knows? But one thing I always think about is, I probably one time came eye to eye with her when we were little and obviously we never knew we were going to be best friends. It make 

Another best friend, Jen, went to the store the A and P (You probably read about it on her blog how it got replaced by Big Y. So tragic...) all the time. I did also. What if we met in the checkout line at the store before...? Maybe or maybe not? I always wonder...

One of my other best friends, APG, was best friends with a girl who I was best friends with when we were the same ages (We were young)... What if we went to our best friends party and we both were there eating our slices of cakes together. It is sososooo crazy how I have connections in some way with all of my best friends!

It is so bonkers how small the world really is. I mean I could of today walk by a fellow blogger and not even know it... For some reason I can gallivant about this topic all day! It is especially deranged when you meet someone and 5 minutes later you find out they are related to you.  One time, when I was at my grandparent’s beach house and there was a new neighbor who just moved in and I went to go and meet her. Ending up we were related! When you are young you can't assimilate the people you have met, so it is very hard to commemorate who you have met in the past!

It is such a small world, isn't it?

What about you? Have you ever had incidents like this? Or have you ever met someone without actually meeting them (If that makes any sense)?