Sunday, January 2, 2011

What a Small World?

On the way home from my grandparents house, in the car, I was thinking about how small this world is! As you can probably tell I do a lot of pondering in the car. I could go in a store and ask someone where a can of soup is and that person could possibly be the author of one of the blogs I read.

Whenever I meet someone new, I always have some type of connection (Some time; not always). May not be an actual meeting connection from the past, but it could be a slight connection. Like if we go to the same restaurant every Christmas or something around those lines!

 An example is, one of my best friends, Dani, goes to the same restaurant every Thanks Giving as I do. We both have since we were little girls. We only met each other 2 years ago. Maybe or maybe not. Maybe we met in the restaurant. Maybe we didn’t. Who knows? But one thing I always think about is, I probably one time came eye to eye with her when we were little and obviously we never knew we were going to be best friends. It make 

Another best friend, Jen, went to the store the A and P (You probably read about it on her blog how it got replaced by Big Y. So tragic...) all the time. I did also. What if we met in the checkout line at the store before...? Maybe or maybe not? I always wonder...

One of my other best friends, APG, was best friends with a girl who I was best friends with when we were the same ages (We were young)... What if we went to our best friends party and we both were there eating our slices of cakes together. It is sososooo crazy how I have connections in some way with all of my best friends!

It is so bonkers how small the world really is. I mean I could of today walk by a fellow blogger and not even know it... For some reason I can gallivant about this topic all day! It is especially deranged when you meet someone and 5 minutes later you find out they are related to you.  One time, when I was at my grandparent’s beach house and there was a new neighbor who just moved in and I went to go and meet her. Ending up we were related! When you are young you can't assimilate the people you have met, so it is very hard to commemorate who you have met in the past!

It is such a small world, isn't it?

What about you? Have you ever had incidents like this? Or have you ever met someone without actually meeting them (If that makes any sense)?



  1. I bet we did see each other at A&P once, I was there all the time!! BIG Y IS EVIL!!
    Awesome post as usual!! It is a small world!! That stuff doesn't really happen to me often, but last summer when my family and I were in NYC on the subway we started talking to this South African family, and then 2 hours or so later on the other side of Manhattan we saw them again!!
    Your fellow small world believer,

  2. I always think about this, too!
    It's really such a small world sometimes, and I'm always wondering if I just passed by my future husband at the super market, or a fellow blogger at the mall. Crazy to think about!

  3. I ponder this whilst cruising in the back of our car constantly! :-) Oh the similarities between us!

  4. I wonder this all the time!! A few years ago, my mom met this other lady and they became friends instantly... One day they were talking an found out that they lived in the same town in Colorado when they were about 2 years old! It's crazy how small this world is, but at the same time so huge!

  5. there are plenty of awkward times when i've seen people at odd places, like at six flags and chuck e. cheese. of course, i love it when i run into my friends. just not certain others. who shall remain nameless. whose names start with z and end with ach.

  6. I ponder a lot too!!
    I meet people from my childhood all the time. It makes me happy. It also makes me wonder about how simply life should be.
    Have a lovely day.


  7. It is such a small world!
    Sometimes I bump into old friends in the weirdest places.
    Its also interesting to find out that a friend of yours also knows another friend of yours.

  8. omg!!! i just found your blog and it is ah-mazing!!! That post describes exactly what I think about every day hahaha, it is an incredibly small world yes, like for example my mums best friend who i never met before came to dinner, turns out her boyfriend used to be in a BAND with my school teacher... weird
    anyway i love your blog :) im following!

  9. That's really interesting to think about!
    I was just thinking..... My grandpa was talking about how he met this antique guy that helps you sell things. His name was Kevin Bieber and he lived in Stratford Ontario. (that's Bieber hometown) Wow! I can't believe I just figured this out!! I am learning from your posts! So cool!!
    Luv ya,
    P.S- what if we did eat cake together?? What a small world!

  10. It is a very small world! I am glad you all agree!


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