Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Basketball Outcome.....

Let me first start out with, I am going back to swimming..... Basketball isn't my sport.... Let me tell you why....

This is how it started..... First, I am hyper as can be in the locker room getting prepared for basketball practice! Putting my new basketball shoes on and getting pumped up for my first practice. I go in the gym. I felt confident.

Then, we did some drills. I grabbed a basketball feeling a rush of nervousness and sacredness. I got in line for the drills. The drills were to dribble the ball down the court to the other end of the gym... Well, I was doing the drills incorrectly the whole time. I was so pissed at myself. I was saying to myself "come on! Do it right this time! Basketball is still fun, right?" Then I tried again, and did not succeed.

After the drills, we played half court games. I was so confused on what to do. So, Mr. C asked me if I wanted to go in and play yet. I said not yet because I am still confused on what to do. After about 10 min. he told me to join in. I was so discombobulated. It was as if I was the only one who spoke English. When people were talking in basketball language, I asked Dani “What are they saying?” She relied “I have no idea. Just watch everyone else!”  I did so and I still didn’t get what to do. So, in the game someone on my team passed me the ball and I had no idea what to do. My mind went blank. Mr. C was yelling "pass the ball over here," while he was pointing to a free person on my team.  I passed it and I was terrified for the next ball to be passed to me.....

I am so disappointed. I was very excited and eager to play this sport. This whole day I was so hyper and excited to play basketball. I was bugging Jen all day, saying “I can’t wait for basketball.” Her reply was “I am so confused? One second you hate basketball and now you love it? I don’t think you are going to like it as much as swimming” Jen, if you are reading this, you are SO right. Swimming is more my thing than basketball.  I have made my mind. Basketball does not run in my blood.

Swimming I think is the best alternative sport. I don’t want to spend another second playing basketball. Basketball felt like 5 hours long.

I guess I was always meant to swim!

Have you ever had an incident like this one?

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Misadventures of BasketBall!

I can't believe how many sport problems I have had this year! It’s like an ongoing cycle of unsure feelings about what sport is right for me. If you have been reading my blog I wrote about how I have joined the swim team as a winter sport..... That no longer is true! I have joined the basketball team!

I wanted to stop swimming because (although I still love to swim) I wanted to play something new. In the summer when I am bored, I always play basketball with my parents or siblings. So today I faced my fears and switched.

Basketball terrifies me but, at this moment I am excited to play! Today, my mom and I after school went to go and get basketball shoes. During that whole time I was screaming with joy and was so excited to be playing such a great sport.

There is a problem. People in my family aren’t so good at playing Basketball to put it nicely. My sister when she played basketball at my school she was the worst player on the team. She kept the benches nice and warm (which I am planning on doing). The coach I am going to be having, coached my sister. When Ange (my sister) was in a basketball game she had the ball and she was waiting for someone to get open so she could pass it on to someone else. She waited and waited. Then all of a sudden a girl on the other team was jumping in Ange's face. She was trying to stop Ange from passing it. So the girl was having a nervous breakdown because Ange didn’t pass it to someone, so Ange gave her the ball. After, I was so mad at her and I said "WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!?!?"(Especially because that girl got a point by Ange passing the ball to her) She replied "if she wanted it so badly, she can have it." So basketball isn't exactly the best sport in my family.

 At the moment my basketball excitements is lacuna. I am so nervous! So I have decided to make a pros and cons list:

Pros (I thought of starting on the positive side first):

Get good exercise
Getting to know how to play basketball
Getting to be with all my friends
Just getting an overall experience of the game

Cons (I hope when you read this, you won't think that I am being ridiculous because these are true reasons why I don't want to play):

Getting hit in the face with the ball (meaning: getting a face injury like a broken nose or something like that)
Sweating (I am sorry. I don't like the sweat. Especially if I could be in a pool instead)
Running (I hate to constantly run)
Just embarrassing myself in general
Making my team lose

At the end of reading my Cons list you probably think I am crazy......... please don't reply to that thought.........

I am excited and nervous for basketball. I hope I do well. Wish me luck!!

What do you think about basketball? Have you ever played and did you like it?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Psychic Incidents!

 This weekend has been a long weekend, filled with strange events! This weekend my sister had her first formal dance. So, all of her friends and their dates came over so they can all take pictures!

I was just sitting in my living room, bored out of my mind, waiting for my sister’s friends to come and go. My sister, Ange, got worried if her dress wasn't like what the other girls dresses. So, she was saying how she wonders what they are going to wear. I said to Ange “I bet they are wearing pink dresses with black lace maybe one with flowers on top (I had a picture in my head). Or something around those lines."

All three of the couples when they walked in the house I was in shock..... Two of the girls were wearing a pink dress with black lace! The other girl was wearing a dress with flowers on the top of it!!!! I was in utter shock......

Another incident like this was when my mom and I were on our way to pick the couples up. Strangely and randomly I was thinking about the American Flag.  I was thinking about how pretty it is and how it should be on a high mountain lit up in every state, so every could see it. Then, all of sudden we passed on the high way a lit up flag on top of a mountain. My mom was like "look how pretty it is." I was screaming my head off in excitement!

Another incident was when I was with my dad in the car on our way to Stop and Shop. I had this really bad feeling for some reason. It was a strange feeling. I got really nervous. Then out of nowhere an accident happened right in front of our (dad and I) eyes and we were dumbfounded. After the accident, obviously I was nervous to see how the drivers were, but my strange nervous feeling was gone. It was as if I knew the accident was coming!

No offence to anyone but, I do not believe in psychics. I don't believe that anyone knows the future. But, these incidents I had were very strange and odd. Now I always trust my gut instinct.

What do you think? Have you ever had a psychic incident before?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Embarrassing Mom Moments!

In my life I have had millions of embarrassing mom encounters! My mom unintentionally has these embarrassing times! Here are the top 3 embarrassing moments......

1. When I went to a carnival about 4 years ago my mom and I went on a baby rollercoaster. I had a broken arm at the time so that was the only ride I could ride. This "rollercoaster" was about the size on my dining room table. So my mom and I got on it and it started to move....... My mom HATES rollercoaster’s so she starts to cacophonously yelling. Little 5 and 3 year olds in the back of us were staring at my mom like she was crazy (I don’t disagree)........  That was so embarrassing! The rollercoaster controller had to stop it and let my mom off.......... Good times, good times?

2. When my sister was in a play, my mom and I went to see the play. The play was Hairspray (it was fantastic) the main characters were Tracy and one of the other characters Mr. Pinky. Those two characters were outside not in their costumes. My mom went up to Tracy and Mr. Pinky and saw Tracy was hugging Mr. Pinky in a motherly fashion...... My mom said "Mr. Pinky, you did a fantastic job (which he did)!" then my mom said to Tracy "Are you his mother?" and she was laughing and she said "No! I am Tracy." So my mom turned it into a joke. I had no comment after that incident.

3. My mom is religious. So one weekend at my church they needed an altar server. If you are Catholic than you know what that is. If you are not, it is someone who goes up to the altar with the priest and essentially helps the priest out during church. When she went up she was bringing the priest the water and wine..... She dropped both glass and broke them both. It spilled all over the floor. After that I was hiding my face under the pews........
Although that moms can get embarrassing, you have to love them! Mothers are just mothers! That’s what moms do!!!

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment with your mother?  

Everyone, you should check out my best friend TyTy's amazing new blog!!! You'll love it!!!! Just click this link and it will bring you to her blog: The Ordinary Girl With an Ordinary Life!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Today was the first day of winter sports. This winter I am doing swimming!!!!!! It was either swimming or basket ball, so I chose swimming. I was so excited to finally start swimming again!!!!!! Swimming is the only sport that I am not horrible in. Okay, I am horrible at swimming, but I like to think I am good at it!

I loved GE, but I wanted to start something new. GE was fun and interesting at the same time. But, I just love to think that I am swimming in a pool in the middle of winter! When I jump in the pool, I get this rush of energy that makes me excited and determind to get to the end of the lane first. When I start to paddle my way across the pool, I have a quiescent mind. I forget that I am swimming and I start to day dream in my own little world. Then, when I reach back to the other side of the pool I feel amazing, although I am the last person by far back.

If I could do swimming all year long I would because it is a great work out and it is relaxing. I spend practically my whole summer in water so it is something I enjoy. The great thing is, about 20 people are joining this sport. That is a lot of people because last year we only had about 10 people! Dani and I swim and every time (although it has only been a day) we go to the pool we are screaming with excitement.

Ahhh- I love swimming!

I can’t believe this is my 9th post!!! I just have to thank Jen, my best friend because if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have the confidence to have this many posts!! Thanks Jen!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Tree

Every year my mom and I on Thanks Giving put up our Christmas tree. This year for an unknown reason my mom wanted to put it up this past weekend.  I really didn't want to because I feel if you put the tree up much earlier than needed than you are rushing Christmas, which is my favorite holiday. So, my mom persuaded me to put up our tree with her.

My Christmas tree is a fake tree, and it is 13 feet high. If you have a fake tree you could probably understand how frustrating it is to put it together. So, every year, it takes about 2 hours to put the tree together because you have to put together branch by branch.

My mom and I brought the stand of the tree, then we got all of the branches together on a pole and 2 hours later it was done(if you don’t have a fake tree, you are lucky because putting a fake  tree up is very confusing). I was so tired. My mom and I were looking at my Christmas In excitement that it was up. It was about 11 o'clock P.M. when we finished so we went to bed. We got up and we completely forgot about the tree, until night came. We noticed the tree was on a tilt.

Then today on my way home from school my mom said to me "By the way, the tree looks great! I almost fixed the tilt. When we get home look at the tree and tell me if it is still on a tilt.”

I got home went into my living room and started to freak out! The tree fell over! My mom started to freak out with me. So we examined the tree and we noticed the base wasn't screwed in correctly. Now whenever I want to look at my tree I stay on the opposite side of the room so it doesn't fall on me. My mom said she has had a fake tree for almost her whole life, and she never had a problem with any of them. Now, I always ponder about what happened, and I think about, what if is going to fall again? I hope it won’t happen again, because we were extremely lucky it didn’t have any ornaments on it.

Here is my tree all put together!

Everyone, make sure if you have a fake tree to screw the whole tree properly into its base! Otherwise, you will come home with a tree in the middle of one of your rooms.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


At my school, you are required to take a sport every season. Yes, you heard me you are REQUIRED! Some of you are thinking "That’s not so bad," but for me, it is! I am absolutely horrible at sports. It is something I will never be good in.

A year ago, I was playing soccer. The only sports that I am unrealistically bad at, is soccer. The only sports that  are offered in autumn at my school are soccer or field hockey. Since I don't ever want to play field hockey, I chose soccer. That was the worst and illogical thing I could have ever done. I loved my coach and everyone on my team, the problem was I just can't play that sport. I remember whenever we had a game, for some reason the ball would and always end up near me. But, whenever it did I would run the other way because I didn't want to kick it. My coach always yelled "Marg, kick the ball!" Everyone told me I needed to be more aggressive. I wanted to be more aggressive, but I just never could do basic skills of soccer. I was the worst person on the team so normally at games I would sit in the bleachers and wait until they needed me for back up. Soccer was one of the only things I epically failed in.

A year later (meaning now), I am the founder of this new sports called General Exercise. GE is my life saver from utter embarrassment  of my poor soccer skills. Jen, Dan, and I are the founders of this sport. Jen, Dan, and I signed up for GE, but it said on the form from the begining of the summer, "not guaranteed. Only if there are not more than seven participants in GE than it could not be played." So Jen and I in the summer called a couple of people up and asked if they wanted to join GE. We got seven people including ourselves.On the first day we got back to school from summer vacation, a teacher said that GE wasn't possible for  automn. I went up to him with our GE group and showed him we had plenty of people. So he let General Exercise be included in an automn sport. Now we have half of the football team. That is AMAZING!That was such an amazing feeling when we knew we were not doing soccer. Personally, I don't like to run, and the funny part is I love GE. What we do in GE is......
We run
We stretch
We do weights or we play a game

Now Mr. P, our coach, he was proudly presented to be the GE coach. I love GE! GE is so much fun. It is fun and exercising at the same time. I think that GE will be a long lasting legacy!