Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Tree

Every year my mom and I on Thanks Giving put up our Christmas tree. This year for an unknown reason my mom wanted to put it up this past weekend.  I really didn't want to because I feel if you put the tree up much earlier than needed than you are rushing Christmas, which is my favorite holiday. So, my mom persuaded me to put up our tree with her.

My Christmas tree is a fake tree, and it is 13 feet high. If you have a fake tree you could probably understand how frustrating it is to put it together. So, every year, it takes about 2 hours to put the tree together because you have to put together branch by branch.

My mom and I brought the stand of the tree, then we got all of the branches together on a pole and 2 hours later it was done(if you don’t have a fake tree, you are lucky because putting a fake  tree up is very confusing). I was so tired. My mom and I were looking at my Christmas In excitement that it was up. It was about 11 o'clock P.M. when we finished so we went to bed. We got up and we completely forgot about the tree, until night came. We noticed the tree was on a tilt.

Then today on my way home from school my mom said to me "By the way, the tree looks great! I almost fixed the tilt. When we get home look at the tree and tell me if it is still on a tilt.”

I got home went into my living room and started to freak out! The tree fell over! My mom started to freak out with me. So we examined the tree and we noticed the base wasn't screwed in correctly. Now whenever I want to look at my tree I stay on the opposite side of the room so it doesn't fall on me. My mom said she has had a fake tree for almost her whole life, and she never had a problem with any of them. Now, I always ponder about what happened, and I think about, what if is going to fall again? I hope it won’t happen again, because we were extremely lucky it didn’t have any ornaments on it.

Here is my tree all put together!

Everyone, make sure if you have a fake tree to screw the whole tree properly into its base! Otherwise, you will come home with a tree in the middle of one of your rooms.


  1. That's so funny that you stay on the other side of the room!!! That's so you Marg!!!
    Love you!!!

  2. Hahahaha Thanks for the warning!
    luv ya

  3. Jen- Thanks, Love you too!!!

    APG- Thanks, Love you too!!

  4. Haha thats funny thanks for the warning


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