Tuesday, November 2, 2010


At my school, you are required to take a sport every season. Yes, you heard me you are REQUIRED! Some of you are thinking "That’s not so bad," but for me, it is! I am absolutely horrible at sports. It is something I will never be good in.

A year ago, I was playing soccer. The only sports that I am unrealistically bad at, is soccer. The only sports that  are offered in autumn at my school are soccer or field hockey. Since I don't ever want to play field hockey, I chose soccer. That was the worst and illogical thing I could have ever done. I loved my coach and everyone on my team, the problem was I just can't play that sport. I remember whenever we had a game, for some reason the ball would and always end up near me. But, whenever it did I would run the other way because I didn't want to kick it. My coach always yelled "Marg, kick the ball!" Everyone told me I needed to be more aggressive. I wanted to be more aggressive, but I just never could do basic skills of soccer. I was the worst person on the team so normally at games I would sit in the bleachers and wait until they needed me for back up. Soccer was one of the only things I epically failed in.

A year later (meaning now), I am the founder of this new sports called General Exercise. GE is my life saver from utter embarrassment  of my poor soccer skills. Jen, Dan, and I are the founders of this sport. Jen, Dan, and I signed up for GE, but it said on the form from the begining of the summer, "not guaranteed. Only if there are not more than seven participants in GE than it could not be played." So Jen and I in the summer called a couple of people up and asked if they wanted to join GE. We got seven people including ourselves.On the first day we got back to school from summer vacation, a teacher said that GE wasn't possible for  automn. I went up to him with our GE group and showed him we had plenty of people. So he let General Exercise be included in an automn sport. Now we have half of the football team. That is AMAZING!That was such an amazing feeling when we knew we were not doing soccer. Personally, I don't like to run, and the funny part is I love GE. What we do in GE is......
We run
We stretch
We do weights or we play a game

Now Mr. P, our coach, he was proudly presented to be the GE coach. I love GE! GE is so much fun. It is fun and exercising at the same time. I think that GE will be a long lasting legacy!


  1. That is great and it sounds so too. Good Job!

  2. Shannon- Thanks!!!

    Jenna- Yes, GE forever!!!


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