Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Basketball Outcome.....

Let me first start out with, I am going back to swimming..... Basketball isn't my sport.... Let me tell you why....

This is how it started..... First, I am hyper as can be in the locker room getting prepared for basketball practice! Putting my new basketball shoes on and getting pumped up for my first practice. I go in the gym. I felt confident.

Then, we did some drills. I grabbed a basketball feeling a rush of nervousness and sacredness. I got in line for the drills. The drills were to dribble the ball down the court to the other end of the gym... Well, I was doing the drills incorrectly the whole time. I was so pissed at myself. I was saying to myself "come on! Do it right this time! Basketball is still fun, right?" Then I tried again, and did not succeed.

After the drills, we played half court games. I was so confused on what to do. So, Mr. C asked me if I wanted to go in and play yet. I said not yet because I am still confused on what to do. After about 10 min. he told me to join in. I was so discombobulated. It was as if I was the only one who spoke English. When people were talking in basketball language, I asked Dani “What are they saying?” She relied “I have no idea. Just watch everyone else!”  I did so and I still didn’t get what to do. So, in the game someone on my team passed me the ball and I had no idea what to do. My mind went blank. Mr. C was yelling "pass the ball over here," while he was pointing to a free person on my team.  I passed it and I was terrified for the next ball to be passed to me.....

I am so disappointed. I was very excited and eager to play this sport. This whole day I was so hyper and excited to play basketball. I was bugging Jen all day, saying “I can’t wait for basketball.” Her reply was “I am so confused? One second you hate basketball and now you love it? I don’t think you are going to like it as much as swimming” Jen, if you are reading this, you are SO right. Swimming is more my thing than basketball.  I have made my mind. Basketball does not run in my blood.

Swimming I think is the best alternative sport. I don’t want to spend another second playing basketball. Basketball felt like 5 hours long.

I guess I was always meant to swim!

Have you ever had an incident like this one?


  1. I am reading this, and as much as I hate to say this, I was right :( Noo!!! Can't you just stay in basketball for one more day??? You can get a blood transfer so you will like basketball!! lol
    You weren't bugging me!! I just wish you would like bball!!
    love the semi-bball player,

  2. I guess you just have to try different things to find out what you love to do! I can relate to this because I have tried many things and finally found what I love to do!
    Luv ya,

  3. This was a very touching story: you write so well! Don't beat yourself up over the whole thing though. You were meant to swim and I'm sure that you're SO fantastic at it! No one can ever take that away from you.

    I just want to thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. I really do appreciate it! :)

    P.S. I'm a swimmer too! :D


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