Monday, November 22, 2010

Psychic Incidents!

 This weekend has been a long weekend, filled with strange events! This weekend my sister had her first formal dance. So, all of her friends and their dates came over so they can all take pictures!

I was just sitting in my living room, bored out of my mind, waiting for my sister’s friends to come and go. My sister, Ange, got worried if her dress wasn't like what the other girls dresses. So, she was saying how she wonders what they are going to wear. I said to Ange “I bet they are wearing pink dresses with black lace maybe one with flowers on top (I had a picture in my head). Or something around those lines."

All three of the couples when they walked in the house I was in shock..... Two of the girls were wearing a pink dress with black lace! The other girl was wearing a dress with flowers on the top of it!!!! I was in utter shock......

Another incident like this was when my mom and I were on our way to pick the couples up. Strangely and randomly I was thinking about the American Flag.  I was thinking about how pretty it is and how it should be on a high mountain lit up in every state, so every could see it. Then, all of sudden we passed on the high way a lit up flag on top of a mountain. My mom was like "look how pretty it is." I was screaming my head off in excitement!

Another incident was when I was with my dad in the car on our way to Stop and Shop. I had this really bad feeling for some reason. It was a strange feeling. I got really nervous. Then out of nowhere an accident happened right in front of our (dad and I) eyes and we were dumbfounded. After the accident, obviously I was nervous to see how the drivers were, but my strange nervous feeling was gone. It was as if I knew the accident was coming!

No offence to anyone but, I do not believe in psychics. I don't believe that anyone knows the future. But, these incidents I had were very strange and odd. Now I always trust my gut instinct.

What do you think? Have you ever had a psychic incident before?


  1. That's weird! Sometimes that happens to me! Awesome blog!

  2. Oh my gosh Marg, oh my gosh, it's official!! You ARE a physic!! Now we have to practice telekensis again!!! haha
    Everyone of those are so freaky!! That hardly ever happens to me!! We should go see a doctor!! haha That's so Marg!!
    Love, Jen

  3. p.s. my mom just read that and she's totally convinced your a psychic. wow I spelt that so badly up there...

  4. APG- Thanks!

    Jen- I am not a psychic!!!!! Good times, remember latin class last year? That was so funny!

  5. hahah, this is GREAT! :]

    <3 :)

  6. Great topic that was such an awesome post...... KEEP IT UP! I love everything on your blog!

  7. SoYesterday- Thanks

    Brookie- Thanks


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