Monday, November 15, 2010


Today was the first day of winter sports. This winter I am doing swimming!!!!!! It was either swimming or basket ball, so I chose swimming. I was so excited to finally start swimming again!!!!!! Swimming is the only sport that I am not horrible in. Okay, I am horrible at swimming, but I like to think I am good at it!

I loved GE, but I wanted to start something new. GE was fun and interesting at the same time. But, I just love to think that I am swimming in a pool in the middle of winter! When I jump in the pool, I get this rush of energy that makes me excited and determind to get to the end of the lane first. When I start to paddle my way across the pool, I have a quiescent mind. I forget that I am swimming and I start to day dream in my own little world. Then, when I reach back to the other side of the pool I feel amazing, although I am the last person by far back.

If I could do swimming all year long I would because it is a great work out and it is relaxing. I spend practically my whole summer in water so it is something I enjoy. The great thing is, about 20 people are joining this sport. That is a lot of people because last year we only had about 10 people! Dani and I swim and every time (although it has only been a day) we go to the pool we are screaming with excitement.

Ahhh- I love swimming!

I can’t believe this is my 9th post!!! I just have to thank Jen, my best friend because if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have the confidence to have this many posts!! Thanks Jen!!!


  1. Marg, for Gawd's sake, you are so NOT a horrible swimmer!! I am!!! Swimming sounds like so much fun!! I wish I was doing it!!
    love you!!!!!!!

  2. I am glad you love swimming so much! Keep blogging!

  3. Jen- I am horrible! Your not! Lol!!

    APG- Thank you! You should swim!!

  4. yo whats up whats up...yo whats up whats up

  5. hey, thanks for commenting and following my blog :) i'm glad you enjoy swimming. i used to compete in swimming when i was a bit younger. after swimming, i started to love basketball too. i was part of my school team both swimming and basketball but swimming will always be my first love! haha. i love water :) good luck!!


  6. Hi Marg,
    Swimming is great sport to burn fat/calories and to lose weight by improving immune system. Swimming improve acrobatic capacity and energy level. Swimming strengthens our heart, lungs and can improves muscle strength, flexibility and balance.


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