Thursday, November 18, 2010

Embarrassing Mom Moments!

In my life I have had millions of embarrassing mom encounters! My mom unintentionally has these embarrassing times! Here are the top 3 embarrassing moments......

1. When I went to a carnival about 4 years ago my mom and I went on a baby rollercoaster. I had a broken arm at the time so that was the only ride I could ride. This "rollercoaster" was about the size on my dining room table. So my mom and I got on it and it started to move....... My mom HATES rollercoaster’s so she starts to cacophonously yelling. Little 5 and 3 year olds in the back of us were staring at my mom like she was crazy (I don’t disagree)........  That was so embarrassing! The rollercoaster controller had to stop it and let my mom off.......... Good times, good times?

2. When my sister was in a play, my mom and I went to see the play. The play was Hairspray (it was fantastic) the main characters were Tracy and one of the other characters Mr. Pinky. Those two characters were outside not in their costumes. My mom went up to Tracy and Mr. Pinky and saw Tracy was hugging Mr. Pinky in a motherly fashion...... My mom said "Mr. Pinky, you did a fantastic job (which he did)!" then my mom said to Tracy "Are you his mother?" and she was laughing and she said "No! I am Tracy." So my mom turned it into a joke. I had no comment after that incident.

3. My mom is religious. So one weekend at my church they needed an altar server. If you are Catholic than you know what that is. If you are not, it is someone who goes up to the altar with the priest and essentially helps the priest out during church. When she went up she was bringing the priest the water and wine..... She dropped both glass and broke them both. It spilled all over the floor. After that I was hiding my face under the pews........
Although that moms can get embarrassing, you have to love them! Mothers are just mothers! That’s what moms do!!!

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment with your mother?  

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  1. Oh my gosh, the last one is so funny!!!!!!! I can so see that!!!!
    Oh well, that's what moms do!!!
    Love Jen

  2. I love this blog... I found myself cracking up other all of them!I can totally relate to that! Moms are embarrassing, but you gotta love them!! And bye the way, thanks for following my blog! I greatly appreciate it! =)

  3. All moms have there moments! <3
    ~APG :)

  4. hahahah that was soo funny marggg i love the firsttt oneeee hahhaha

    - jhershhh (:

  5. hahha! i love the first & last ones!
    too funny :)

    <3 :)

  6. haha so funny I love the first and the last ones:) Moms are moms.


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