Thursday, January 20, 2011

Little Acts of Kindness Go a Long Way!

As you can tell what this post is about by the title: little acts of kindness really go a long way! Just by waving at someone could make that persons day! It feels good doing little acts of kindnesses. Like today...

Today I had to take my last 2 exams until June. When my mom dropped my sister off at school very early, we had some time to spare till I had to get to school. We went to Dunkin Donuts for a cup hot chocolate. When we went threw the drive threw there was a man selling newspapers. It was cold outside so my mom got him a coffee from Dunkin Donut. He was so happy and thanked us literally 5 times. We made his day. He said, and I quote "I knew there were still generous people in this world. Thanks!"  My mom felt so great of her little act of kindness. Although I didn't do the actual kindness, I still felt the greatness of the kindness itself.

In school, Jen, TyTy, APG, Dani, and I whenever we see someone sitting alone we invite them over to sit with us for lunch. I know that person might not of said anything to us about us inviting them, but I know we made his or her day or at least that persons lunch time time great! There is also a boy who came from China in September and he could barely speak English. We are one of the only people who talk to him so I know he is very appreciative. We invited him to sit with us and ever since he has sat with us.

Like the time Dani and I called a new girl at our school to welcome her. She sounded so happy and sounded like she felt comfortable going to school with people she never met before.

Doing acts of kindness could really help someones day go better. One of my New Year's resolutions is to do more acts of kindnesses to other people. I also have to learn to not show my true feeling for someone because as Kyle said on TRHBH "The problem is I where my heart on my sleeve." That is what I do. Sorry that this post is short like the last one. I really plan on doing more acts of kindnesses!

Have you've done an act of kindness that made your day and also another persons?


  1. This post is so sweet:) It always makes my days 110% better when people tell me I made their day. The lunch lady at school made my day today:) How random.

  2. That is such a lovely thought :) i do try and chat to people when they look lonely, because I know it's something people have done for me in the past and it makes life so much better.
    One year for Lent I did 40 RAOKs (random acts of kindness) over the 40 days...just little things like leaving a pound in the trolley for the next person, buying lunch for someone, offering to walk my dog. V. fulfilling :)

  3. You will not believe this, but today we actually had a Service Learning day!!! I am a part of the service pannel at my school so I had to help organise it! and it was a bunch of fun!!!

  4. yes, they certainly do go a long way! :)

  5. This post was great, I really liked it! It's such an incredible feeling when someone is kind to you.

    I love how you and your friends are so kind to people who spend lunch by themselves. :) That's very sweet!

    Have a good day!

  6. I love this post! This one kid I know said he was walking down the street and he told this old sad looking woman "Pip pip cheerio!" in his usual rowdy fashion and she said "son, you made my day!" lol haha :) It's so true though.

  7. You and your mom are so sweet! I know how it feels when someone does something thoughtful for me but it's even better when you do something thoughtful for someone else :)

  8. I love how you quoted RHOBH!!! I love this post!! I love Mike!! Little acts of kindness would really make the world a better place if everybody would do them.
    On the sidebar of my blog there's a little button that says "Operation Nice." It's the link to a website that's mission is to do a bunch of little acts of kindness. You should check it out!!

  9. Love that post! When I was 8, I put on a puppet show in my car at the petrol drive-through for the man at the booth. It cheered him up to see a hedgehog puppet dancing in a car. :P

    I'm following you blog XD

  10. Your mom is sweet. Such sweetness, and goodness remains in this cold and beautiful world. We just have to remember to let it out.
    I try to be nice to strangers. I'm a poor student, so the best I do is donate my clothes, write notes, and talk to lonely strangers during my bike rides. :)
    Have a lovely weekend!


  11. Random acts of kindness are the best. I commend you for your admirable new years resolution!

  12. Random acts of kindness are very nice!
    This is a really sweet post =)

  13. Oh so true. I definitely believe in this. I think little acts of kindness really makes a big difference. If everyone did their share of little acts of kindness wouldn't the world be a sweeter, kinder place?


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