Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Power Points

Power points are one of the worst assignments a teacher could assign you to do. I cringe thinking about making a power point and I cringe when I hear the word itself…… power point.... It is an assignment I normally do horribly on. Just like how badly I did on my history power point.

In History, instead of having a written exam we had to do a power point for an exam grade. It counts as 40% of your final grade. Everyone in the class had to choose a country to do a power point presentation on. My power point was about the country China! I just have to say, it's a very cool country.

I spent weeks making this project. It has 23 slides, covered with information(The longest power point I have ever thought of making). I went into school last Thursday, ready to show Mr. S(Because he said he could look at it before the power point presentation) my power point that took me weeks to create. He told me I didn't have enough pictures in it when I showed him.... Which, I got to admit, it was true. So I did as he said and I felt confident about my presentation. I felt as if it was perfect(It's not even close). If I must add again, I felt very confident. Like the confidence that pierces through your body when you make a basketball shot, knowing you did well and scored one for the team. Yeah, that type of confidence!

 Yesterday was the day I presented my Power Point project to the class.

The power point time limit had to be 15 min. or a couple minutes under (meaning about 2 min. under). Of course I practice reading my power point (Practice makes perfect, right, right?) to my family to see how long it would take me to do the whole thing. It took me 15 min., exact. Yesterday when I presented, it took me 11 min... 4 min. under the required time. I was about to cry and scream like my 6 month year old cousin. 

So, I just had to talk to my teacher about my presentation grade. He told me he thinks the grade will be: B+ to an A-. If you know me, I freak out over grades. That is a HORRIBLE GRADE! It is 40% of my overall grade! 40%!  Of course, I have to embarrass myself some how, so I go up to Mr. S (My history teacher) and start complaining over the grade I recieved. 

I said "Mr. S, what did I do wrong? I did all of the requirements you asked for!"

He said "I know (Then he showed me what I did wrong and etc.)." 

After the list of things I did wrong and I said,
"But a B-A isn't good..."

Then he said,
"Oh Marg, you are a real good at badgering your way into things. One day, when you are a lawyer, which I know you will become, you will most likely need to do a power point presentation and you will think back to eight grade and how you were taught to do a power point, by me."

I walked away with no response. It drives me bonkers when I can't do anything about a bad grade. Whenever I get in front of my class I freeze up and get nervous. When I am nervous I get really quiet and I am not myself. Power point presentations just aren’t my thing.

Have you ever had to make a serious power point? 

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  1. How funny! The exact same thing happened to me with a movie maker video I had to do for English. So okay, It was really, really good. I had been filming and stuff and it had to be 15 minutes exactly. No more, no less. But mine turned out to be 17 minutes and I got a 95 instead of 100! (Which is good, I'm not complaining but still!) she thought it was amazing she showed it to the principal of our school and when we had visitors they showed it to them in the auditorium. Yeah, but anyhow. I just sounded really bratty and stupid. :-) Loved this post though

  2. at my church, our entire service is run via power point. two ninth grade girls and my uncle run the whole thing. we have a LOT of technical difficulties.

  3. I like power points! But your right, they can be very frustrating. I have done lots of power points, but not one with 23 slides! How on earth did you do that? I worry about grades way to much.... So don't worry a A/B is great! Loved this post!

  4. Power points are the death of me! They never turn out right...unlike yours which sounds like it was perfect. Jeez louise Mr. S just give her an A!
    PS. love the Kerouac quote. you are way cooler than I was in middle school.

  5. Hey, thanks for the comment!
    And yes, I am in fact working on a horrible Power point right now *shivers...* Its for social studies (kinda like history) I have to do it on the food in the Middle ages, and it really sucks. I have ten minutes to read a 23 slide POWER POINT... AARRRGGGHHH... ANyways I cant follow right now cause im on my school tablet and it wont let me, but once i get home youll prob have an extra follower!!! <3 <3

  6. Hey Marg! Thank you for following my blog, I'll be following you now! I like the name of your blog by the way, though I haven't read the book on the side.
    As for powerpoints, I like them, and I don't. I guess it depends on what I'm doing it on, and if I feel prepared enough. Don't stress out, because eventually you'll get the hang of it. I had to do quite a number of them in high school.
    Have a good day!

  7. MARGGGGGG!!! YOU HAVE 20 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!
    Powerpoints drive me bonkers. I hate all the little doodads and always have to "cite your sources" bla bla bla!!
    I thought Mr.S said it was only 25% of our grade?????
    Love your first follower and best friend,

  8. God, I hate powerpoints. They make presentations so boring and uninspiring! The death of all initiative. Bleh, I'd much rather just stand up and improvise.

  9. I don't like power points either. I simply hate presentations and stuff like that.
    I hope you get an A on your power point!



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