Monday, October 25, 2010


I can't belive this is my second post!!!! I didn't think this day would ever come! Annyway, although this blog is about middle school, some posts will be about other interesting things! Today is one of those days where I am going to tell you one of the strangest occurences that has happened to me!

I had this dream two nights ago where Dani, Jen, and I were on a bus, on our way to our school field. Dani and I got on the bus looking for our school books! Don’t ask me why we were, but we were. We were grabbing all of our books from people who took them and some of those people were sitting on them so we had to attempt to make it unnoticeable that we were trying to get the books from under them. By the time that was all over and we collected all of our books (Which by the way in my dream was very complicated to collect them all) we got to the fields and we meet up with Jen and we told her what happened and she said “I know! That is so annoying how people won't stop taking other people's books and hiding them!" Dani and I agreed. Then, I woke up.

By now you are all probably thinking to yourself "So what?!? Everyone has dreams like that" but the weird part is when I got up I thought it was all real! So I went up to my mom and told her what happened with a serious and emotional face. She got really upset and was going to call my principal. Then, she said to me "You should call Dani and see if she is okay!" So I picked up the phone and then I thought for a while........ BANG!! I remembered it was all a dream. So I ran up to my mom screaming with joy "It was a dream!" multiple times. She was glad too! Dreams sometimes feel like a reality.

Crazy things could happen to you! I couldn’t believe my brain was playing tricks on me! I could not believe that my fellow middle school friends would do that! I love my school, so it truly devastated me! I am so happy it was a dream! Many crazy things happen to me, but this was one that I needed to tell the blogging world!


  1. Oh Marg my little pyshic!!! I can't stop laughing!!!!! I can't believe that happened!!!
    Your blog is so so so awesomesauce!!!!
    Love love love,

  2. That is hilarious! I have dreams like that all the time! One's where I think it is real! :D Great post

  3. Hahaha thats hilarious that happens to me sometimes too.



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