Friday, December 17, 2010

Basketball and Vacation Time!!

This is a strange post because I have combined two posts in one. First, the post you are going to read about will be about my basketball game. My Second, is about what happened today.

Girls B team (which I am apart of) had their first basketball game. You are probably wondering why I said I was a part of a basketball team if you read my last post about how I wanted to do swimming. Your answer is: I never switched back to swimming. I am now and until spring, playing basketball. I love basketball now.  Now, let’s talk about the game. Our team did very well for our first time playing with each other. We have only had 4 days of practice before this game and 2 of them were try outs(Which means we didn’t actually learn how to play basketball).

The game started out by our team scoring three points. Then the other team got upset and was more aggressive towards us. But, after a while they got ahead of us and then at the end of the game we had an even score. I attempted to make some baskets. It didn’t turn out though.

During this game, one of my teachers, Mr. C, was working the score board. Every time our team needed someone to sub. He would have the score board make a beeping noise. After the first beep Mr. C rang for our team, the ref came over to Mr. C and yelled at him for pressing the beep button. He said to Mr. C “WHENEVER YOU PRESS THE BUTTON I LOOK AT YOU TO SEE WHATS GOING ON. YOU HAVE TO TELL ME FIRST IF YOU ARE GOING TO WANT TO SUB. SOMEONE!” Mr. C said, “Sir please doesn’t scream at me.” The ref replied “I AM NOT SCREAMING (Which he obviously is)!!! AND DON’T CALL ME SIR. CALL ME M..” With our hearts pumping rapidly we look to Mr. C and he got up and said “M, please don’t talk to me this way. I will stop making the noise just calm down.”

The ref walked away mad. After that event happening in the game, he called every little foul he could find with our team. It was disappointing. He favored the other team.  Every time he had to give a command to Mr. C he always yelled at him while pointing at him. At the last 4 second to go of the game, our team made a score which made have an equal score to the other team. The ref, out of nowhere, made everyone play for 7 more seconds because someone stepped on a line on the other side of the court that we were playing on. So we added 7 seconds and the score came out to 22 for both teams! What a game!

Vacation time!

Today was my last day of school for 2 and a half weeks!!!!!!!!!! It was the best day of eighth grade yet (Besides our trip to Washington D.C.)!!!!! I'll tell you why...

I'll tell you each of my classes and what we did in each:

First, I had history, which wasn't as fun as the other classes. In history we worked on our power points and read an article. Then, we had a free time to do whatever we want.

Second, I had Latin. Let me just say, every Latin class I have is full of laughter and fun so today was even more fun than usual. We watched a famous comedian on YouTube. Every other word he said was a swear. It was sort of funny. Then we  just talked about Christmas. What a great class!

Third, I had science. We did this really cool experiment. It was very interesting and fun!

Fourth, it was Math. We just talked the whole time and did a fun worksheet.

Fifth, it was English(Which is already full of good times and laughter). We watched a TV show called Pengu. I have never heard of it before, but it was funny.

Those are all my classes, but after all of them we had advisors and clubs. In Advisor we did a complicated work sheet full of mazes and etc.. Then, finally, the best part of the day, ROCKETRY!!!!!! Our rocketry club was so much fun because we launched our rockets and they went very, very, very high! Some of them even exploded!

What a great day!!!!!

How about you? How was your day? What did you do?


  1. well, i'm practically famous for my split/topic posts, i've done, like, ten of them. :)

  2. Ughhhhhhhh why did I miss school today????????? It sounded awesome!!!!!!!! Man that ref sounds like a... Bad guy!!!
    Love this post!!!!!! I miss you!!!!!

  3. OMG Latin class was so awesome today! That was hilarious! I am glad that you did so well for your first basketball game! I will come watch one of them sometime. Have an amazing break! Hope to get together next week!
    Luv ya,
    ~APG :)

  4. My last day was really fun because:
    1) in PE, we didn't have to hike since it was raining so instead we played dodgeball
    2) I made a really cool podcast in computers!
    3) my mean math teacher was actually nice!!!

  5. oh vacation!
    haha cute post :)

    <3 :)


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