Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dinner with M.G.!

Although I wrote a post yesterday, I just needed to write another one today. Well, as the title says, I went to dinner with my mom and one of her really good friends M.G. after my final Annie performance. She is a very sweet and nice woman.

A couple of funny things happened after the play and during the dinner. At the play, after the performance, my mom went up to the pianist and said "You look so familiar? Where do I know you from?" and the pianist listed all of the possible places my mom could have known him from and M.G. blurts out "Well, it doesn't matter where you know him, but he is cute." I didn't respond. He blushed. Then she yelled "He is cute isn't he? I know, but he should date you or Ange (my sister). Would you date him?" I just pretended like I didn't hear her. It was so acquired. I hope he didn't hear her.

Then, my mom, M.G., and I went to a nice Italian restaurant. It was DELICIOUS. Well, while M.G. was eating her dinner, she stuck her fork into her pork chop, and it flew off the dish and hit the waitress on her leg. She (M.G.) started to laugh and hid her face behind her napkin, while the waitress gave her the evil eye the rest of the dinner.

After that incident, there was another one. I told her my best friends and I started a band called the Flashcard (isn't that such an amazing name?). Jen, Dani, and I are the people in the band. Jen made up this song called What Type of Sweater? It is an amazing song, just to let you know, and she said to me after I told her about the band,"That is such a cool name for a song? Would you sing it?" I said "Well, I'll definitely sing it for you later. Just not in this restaurant." she replied "Okay! You don't have to but definitely later!"

As I was singing the song in my head, I just thought why not sing it no one is going to care! I said to her "I'll sing it for you actually." I started singing it and if you know me I get carried away with everything. As I get to the middle, I started like break dancing in the middle of a well known restaurant. Then, after the song, I hear other people clapping for me in the back ground and I said "Oh- thanks..!" (While being deeply embarrassed on the inside, wanting to disappear from the resturant for that second. Then, I didn't care that people listened because one day Jen, Dani, and I are going to have to preform in front of many people). M.G. was proud of me!

M.G. is so much fun and when ever your with her, you’ll know you will have a good time!  


  1. you felt very happy at there ha ? <3

  2. OMZ I AM SO PROUD OF YOU MARGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so insanely funny about the pork chop hitting the waittresses leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you sang the song!!!! Last night at the reception Dani and I made up more sweaters here they are as follows:
    turtleneck (could be!!)
    v neck
    crew cut
    cable knit
    sweater vest
    pull over

    Love your fellow bandmate,

  3. haha oh this is funny..! :)

    <3 :)

  4. hahahahahaha that's hilarious!! :)

  5. Haha, I just found your blog and it's pretty hilarious:) M.G. sounds like one of my aunts. Flashcard is an AWESOME name! I hope it works out well for you! By the way, following you now!


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