Friday, December 10, 2010

Finally, the Dance and the Musical!!

Today was the first night of our middle schools production and my first eighth grade dance. First, let me say tonight was THE BEST NIGHT EVER IN MY EIGHTH GRADE HISTORY!!!!!!!!!! I was so ebullient.

The musical, Annie, was fantastic. I am the lights in Annie. It was fantastic, but there were some mistakes made during this show. Like, know how there is a dog named Sandy in the play? Well, the dog we had ran off the stage and ran to the other side of the theater. Everyone started laughing and though it was great! During one of my light cues (Which is just hitting button that says, GO) and I hit all of the buttons by accident (OOPS) but I thanked God nothing happened. Jen, if you are reading this, you did such a great job! At the end of the play, the fire alarms went off and everyone had to exit the building. I ran out of the building searching for Dani, Jen, and my family. During this search, TyTy and APG came up to me and I was like "WHERES DANI AND JEN?!!?!?" I had a heart attack since they were still in the building with the fire alarms still going off. But, ending up, someone pulled the fire alarm and Jen and Dani were fine.

 On the other hand, the dance was AMAZING! Let me first tell you what a dance was like last year...

Last year, in seventh grade, a dance would be boring. Dani and I would just stand and talk (not dance, AT ALL). A lot of drama went on and we felt out of place, just standing in the middle of dancing people. We normally just sat down and watched.

This year, the dance was fun. The theme of the dance was black lights. Everyone wore a white shirt and colored themselves in highlighter so they would glow in the dark. When Dani and I first got there we were stiff and we felt like it would be like another dance, like last year. In minutes Dani started dancing and I was still stiff. Then, by the middle of the dance, Dani and I were dancing both dancing. It was a great dance! I will never forget it! I can't wait for the next dance!


  1. You did Annie @ your school? Wow, that's so cool! We never do musicals at our school :(
    We don't have dances either.

  2. Haha I love how you describe your job as just hitting a button that says "GO"!!!
    Your right last night was so awesome!!!!! The black lights rocked!!! We actually danced too!! Hooray!!! I can't wait for the next dance too!!!
    Love your fellow fan of school dances,

  3. That dance was awesome! I am so happy that you danced this time!
    Luv ya,
    ~APG :)


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